Participate in the NMDOT Prioritized Statewide Bicycle Network Plan


Want to have an impact on the 2018 Prioritized Statewide Bicycle Network Plan (NM Bike Plan)?  You too can influence and provide valuable feedback that will aid the plan designers!   Click the More information link below for... More information!!!

<Bicycle Network Plan>

See all our our other activities at SCCC Activities and on Meetup!


Report road maintenance issues in Rio Rancho to the City using the City website: <Report Rio Rancho>.

Rio Rancho Bicycle Maps are now available from City Hall or download them from the City here: <City Website>

The Sandoval County Cycling Club (SCCC) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and promotes education, safety and enjoyment of bicycling in Sandoval County, New Mexico. The new organization works with the local governments and schools to develop and improve trails, routes, and education programs.  We also also host recreational rides. 

Here are some of our goals:

  1. Work with the communities in Sandoval County to build and maintain better bicycle facilities and to become more bicycle friendly

  1. Encourage communities to update their traffic laws to be more bicycle friendly

  1. Promote bicycle education and safety

  1. Make sure that bicycle transportation is part of mass transit plans

  1. Host bicycle events in the county


Sandoval County Cycling Club (SCCC)


President - Chris Marsh, (505) 891-3464 <chris@candjmarsh.com>

Vice President - Elena Kayak

Secretary - Jan Marino

Treasurer - Jan Marsh

Member at Large -   John Finley <jfinley@rrnm.gov>

Affiliated with the League of American Bicyclists

Part of the Alliance for Biking and Walking

Sandoval County Cycling Club    PO Box 3333, Corrales, New Mexico 87048